How Multiply can help you to support your children with numbers

We all want children to feel confident with numbers, even if we struggle with maths ourselves.

Everyone can help children with maths. You don't need to be an expert, and we can help!

Our Multiply courses for parents have been designed to build your confidence with numbers and to help support your children with maths.

You don't need to feel unable to help your children with maths because teaching methods are different to when you were at school, or because you don't feel confident with numbers yourself. 

With a little help from us you can: 

  • build your number confidence and skills
  • feel more prepared for when children ask you for help
  • help pass your confidence on to them

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About our training providers

Find out more about some of our fantastic training providers who can help you gain more skills so you can support your children with numbers:

Be sure you take a look at the National Numeracy Challenge, which is mentioned below. There's lots of useful support on their website, and it helps the training provider target support to best suit your needs.

Key Subject Tuition

This organisation was specifically set up to support local people with maths and English.

They currently offer the following courses:

Modern Maths for Parents: Learn about current teaching methods in maths so you can support your child.

Home Educators course: Gain knowledge to help ensure your child's confidence with numbers grows. As well as what you will learn during the course, you will also receive some useful resources to help you once the course has ended.

Key Subject Tuition can tailor your support if you take the National Numeracy Challenge

Northern Learning Trust

Northern Learning Trust creates courses that local people say is most important to them.

Their Multiply programme offers a short introductory course which offers fun and practical sessions for parents and children to learn together. 

You will learn modern methods of teaching maths and gain skills and confidence to help support your child's learning.

Course details are coming soon.

Northern Rights

Northern Rights was set up to help people who have struggled to find long term employment.

Their is a short workshop which will help you understand the basics of teaching techniques in modern maths and help you to support your children with their homework.

Have a try at the National Numeracy Challenge, which can help Northern Rights provide the right support for you.

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