How Multiply can improve your maths for everyday life

Many of us want to get better at maths but are held back by a feeling it's something that we can't improve.

Being good with numbers isn't a special talent, it's something we can all learn.

We use numbers in every aspect of our lives whether that be in work or at home.

In our everyday life we could need maths skills to:

  • go shopping
  • plan a holiday
  • work out the best deals in the supermarket
  • borrow money
  • calculate the materials we need to decorate our homes

These are just some examples.

It's easy to believe that some people are just naturally good at maths and others aren't. 

Our Multiply courses will show you that this isn't the case and that with a little bit of effort and the right support we can all get better at using numbers.

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About our training providers

We work with fantastic local training providers to deliver these courses. They are:

Find out below how they could help improve your maths for everyday life.

Also, try to take a look at the National Numeracy Challenge that's mentioned. There's lots of useful support on their website, and it helps the training provider target support to best suit your needs.

Key Subject Tuition

Key Subject Tuition was set up to support those in our community who need a little bit more help with maths and English.

They will help you become more confident with managing your money.

Key Subject Tuition deliver maths in a simple way, supporting you to develop the skills to use numbers to manage your money more effectively. This will include:

  • creating a personal budget
  • talks with companies who support saving and investment
  • making use of budgeting apps

Find out more about this course, or take the National Numeracy Challenge

Learning Concepts

Learning Concepts is a successful, well established training provider with an excellent reputation for high quality training and development programmes.

Their Multiply courses are individually tailored to your learning needs and are designed to support you to improve your current maths ability. 

Money Confident course

This course will help you with day-to-day budgeting including working out calculations, managing with the cost of living and saving money. 

Numeracy Confidence course

This is the course for you if you're looking to progress into a formal qualification but need some extra support first.

Search their , or have a go at the National Numeracy Challenge.

Northern Rights

Northern Rights was set up to support people from a diverse range of backgrounds who have struggled to find lasting employment. 

Their Multiply courses have been designed to help you to:

  • manage household income
  • understand and manage debt
  • access welfare support if you're facing debt crisis 

View their courses, or try the National Numeracy Challenge.  

Training in Care

Training in Care is a Skills for Care endorsed Centre for Excellence.

Their Multiply courses will build your confidence with numbers. 

They will help you understand how numbers are used in everyday life, such as with:

  • healthy eating including food values, portions and units of alcohol
  • understanding dates and times, reading calendars and completing your own 30 day challenge
  • living on a budget, including essential and non-essential spending, cutting costs, benefits and borrowing
  • gambling, risks and mental health

Find out more about these courses, or take the National Numeracy Challenge

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