Awareness of the Safeguarding and Prevent - Lokman Training

Course description
Course nameAwareness of the Safeguarding and Prevent Strategies
Training providerLokman Training


Course duration

21 hours

Who the course is for

(eligibility and personal characteristics)

Licensed hackney carriage and private hire taxi drivers who already hold local authority licenses and have progressed from NVQ.

This course informs drivers of:

  • the PREVENT and Safeguarding strategies
  • the signs and awareness of radicalisation
  • the signs and symptoms of safeguarding children and young people
  • how to report issues

What you will study

(key modules or content)

  • understand the term radicalisation
  • aim of PREVENT
  • current legislation
  • roles and responsibilities of adults in relation to safeguarding
  • the factors that influence vulnerability
  • be able to recognise the signs
  • understand actions to be taken
  • the role of social media and safe use of online and social media
  • understand individual responsibilities
  • ways of abuse
  • indicators of abuse
  • cyber and online bullying
  • process of disclosing
  • reducing risk of online and cyber bullying
  • know which agencies provide support for safeguarding issues
Entry requirementsNone

Requirements of the course

(personal protective equipment, tools, materials)

Assignment booklets will be provided.
Progression and careers

Completion of the course ensures you have awareness of safeguarding and prevent. This is a local authority requirement to allow drivers to retain their licences.

For more information please contact:
NameDerek McNichol
Telephone0191 587 8156