Career Coach - South Tyneside Works

Course description
Course nameCareer Coach
Training providerSouth Tyneside Works

Level 1

Course duration

Individual online unit

Who the course is for

(eligibility and personal characteristics)

Who is it suitable for?

The course is for anyone aged 19 or over looking to explore their skills.

It will give you information on career options tailored to your interests and help you identify steps to move closer to your goal.

If you feel stuck in a rut, unable to progress, or have circumstances that are impacting on your career, a Career Coach may be able to help.

What you will study

Using our online careers tool, we will support you to identify suitable opportunities within the current jobs market.

If you are struggling for ideas, it's worth doing a career assessment as this will highlight the types of careers and tasks that are best suited to your skills, interests and experience. It will also tell you how suited you are to a range of careers.

Entry requirementsN/A

Requirements of the course

(personal protective equipment, tools, and materials)

IT and internet access
Progression and careers

Once you've explored your skills and career interests you could progress into one of our Career Links modules.

For more information please contact:
NameJennifer Wadsworth
Telephone0800 073 1772