Understanding Climate Change and Environmental Awareness - UTrain

Course description
Course nameUnderstanding Climate Change and Environmental Awareness 
Training providerUTrain

Level 2

Course duration

This is a 2 day course.

Who is this course for? (Eligibility and personal characteristics)

You must be:

  • aged 19 or over
  • unemployed or employed
  • committed
  • willing to learn
  • eligible to work within the UK
What will I study? (Key modules or content)

This course is an introduction to the principles of climate change and environmental awareness. You will:

  • become familiar with the basics of the environment and climate change
  • develop an understanding of environmental protection and the action that can be taken within the workplace to mitigate the damaging impact of industry on the environment
  • explore how the lifestyle of an individual can be environmentally detrimental, while offering an insight into ways to reduce their carbon footprint
What are the entry requirements?


Requirements of the course (Personal protective equipment, tools, materials)A willingness to learn, and a readiness to work. 
Progression and Careers

Successful candidates can progress into:

  • employment
  • further learning
  • gain progression within their current employment
For more information please contact:
NameDarren Bain