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Course description
Course nameCertificate in Lean Organisational Management Techniques
Training providerTriage Central
LevelLevel 2
Course duration

7 days

Who is this course for? (Eligibility and personal characteristics)This course is for those aged 19 or over.
What will I study? (Key modules or content)

This qualification is designed for learners working in a business improvement role or involved in a business who wishes to assess their knowledge and understanding through a formal certification route.

This qualification is also suitable for learners new to business improvement who need to confirm practical understanding and application of skills.

Upon completion of this course, learners will have a fundamental understanding of business improvement practices.  

What are the entry requirements?None
Requirements of the course (Personal protective equipment, tools, materials)None
Progression and Careers

Upon completion of training, learners can explore a variety of careers including business, management and manufacturing.

Learners can also progress to: 

  • Level 3 Business Improvement Techniques  
  • Level 4 Business Improvement Techniques  
For more information please contact:
NameRene Kotlar


Telephone07935 007775