Food Safety - Training in Care

Course description
Course nameFood Safety
Training providerTraining in Care
LevelLevel 1
Course duration

10 hours

Who the course is for

(eligibility and personal characteristics)

Volunteers who are unemployed wishing to upskill or those impacted by redundancy.

What will you study

(key modules or content)

Level 1 Food Safety:

This online Food Safety content is designed to provide individuals that handle open food the essential knowledge and understanding of good food safety practice.

You will learn about food hygiene, and help you to apply this knowledge to essential practical skills in order to prevent food poisoning.

The course covers the following:

  • introduction to food safety
  • hazards associated with food safety
  • food poisoning and contamination
  • temperatures
  • personal hygiene
  • allergies and in tolerances
  • premises, equipment and pest control
  • cleaning and disinfecting
  • legislation and requirements
Entry requirementsThis course is for anyone aged over 19 years old.
Requirements of the course (personal protective equipment, tools, and materials)

These courses are blended learning with a named tutor for support.

The level of tutor support varies with some learners able to access and complete independently, but our experience has been that most require clarification of terminology and tutor support.

Named tutors contact the learner at the beginning and during the process to enable completion and passed rate.

People access the content online and need to pass an online test to gain the certificate.

Progression and careers

This short course is designed to upskill a variety of learners entering different professions.

It is required at some level by employers and these would be an advantage to anyone entering employment, particularly in the care sector.

All new learners will be offered progression onto accredited courses in care or signposted to other training providers.

For more information please contact:
NameSheldon Bainbridge or Sarah Jolley or
Telephone0191 537 3529 or 0191 536 7241