Next Steps to Work (18-24 Employability Support) - South Tyneside Works

Course description
Course nameNext Steps to Work
Training providerSouth Tyneside Works


Course duration

Six week course.

Who the course is for

(Eligibility and personal characteristics)

This course is for people aged 18 year old and over. 

You will develop a more in depth approach to learning and gain knowledge and understanding of employability and the expectations of the current job market.

Skills and the knowledge you will gain will help you prepare for work.

The course is intended to give you a platform from which to further develop your skills and learning.

What you will study

(Key modules or content)

  • Career Coach and Labour Market Information.
  • Explore your barriers to employment and confidence building.
  • CV and transferable skills.
  • Cover letters, application forms and personal specifications.
  • Interview preparation and dealing with nerves.
Entry requirementsAll you need is a commitment to complete the course.
Requirements of the course (for example personal protective equipment, tools, and materials)None
Progression and careers

This qualification provides you with knowledge and understanding of your own skills, and you will learn how to develop and use them to move towards the job market.

For more information please contact:
NameJasmine Middleton 
Telephone0800 073 1772